Review from Adrienne D.

I met and spoke with Perry’s owner, Adrienne, multiple times over the course of several weeks (or months?) before she decided to check him in for training. They had been working with a trainer using treat-based training for a solid year by that point, and were still reliant on the treats. Even then Perry was not yet a reliable listener. Perry has a great personality and can maintain good behavior when given clear direction and boundaries, which was obvious to me the first time I had hold of his leash. (Kind of bragging, but my fellow legit dog trainers know what I mean.) And he’s also an adolescent with a lot of energy!

Adrienne wanted to do a lot of investigation before trusting us with her boy. And when she finally decided to put him through training, I was SO HAPPY to get the parental permission to work with him. I don’t remember because it was while ago now, but probably I danced. – EA

I sent our 14-month-old rescue dog to Happy Hound for the two-week board and train in March 2014 and am extremely pleased with the results. I waited to write a review until I felt we had some distance from the program to see how the “re-entry” back to our house went.

We’d had our dog for about a year before sending him through the program. We had tried a couple of different trainers, attended several classes and used all positive reinforcement/treat-based techniques. Unfortunately, the dog’s behavior was really not improving. He was jumping, nipping, tugging and showing increasing amounts of general unruliness around our child, our friends and our guests. We stopped having people over, and the dog’s world got smaller and smaller while we got more and more unhappy. Despite our very best efforts, we were stressed out and we were not enjoying the dog at all. We didn’t want to give up on the dog, but something had to change.

I spoke to several trainers at Happy Hound, as well as to several referrals before we made a decision, and I’m so glad that we sent the dog through the program. Now that he’s been home with us for several months, I can say with complete confidence that he is calmer, much easier to handle, and we are all really enjoying him. He is not perfect, and there are behaviors that we continue to work on, but the difference is huge.

Emily and Phoenix have been particularly helpful, kind, and understanding. I trust that my dog is in good hands at Happy Hound and that all of the trainers want my dog to succeed. They provided the tools that we needed to maintain the training that they conducted, and they continue to be available for training and to answer questions (I had many over the first few weeks!).

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