Review from Alex S.

We adopted our pup, Maggie, in March 2013. We were aware that she might exhibit some fear-based aggression towards the occasional stranger when we adopted her and planned to get her (and us) some training to curb this behavior. After trying to train her ourselves without enough success and learning what her specific issues were over time, we decided we needed help. We were drawn to Happy Hound because they do everything (training, boarding, daycare) and had good reviews.

Her behavior, though not perfect (which is no fault of HH), was vastly improved and she was completely malleable and prepped for us to continue her ongoing training. Though her training team included several people (which we were very pleased with the diverse interaction), Emily has been our main person of contact. She worked with us at her ‘graduation’ and came to our home to reinforce what she learned. (We still have a couple of home visits left, which we can schedule whenever we feel prepared to expose Maggie to different environments). Emily has been an incredible reference and full of knowledge. She’s made us better at handling our dog, which has been one of the best takeaways from this experience. The training team checked in with us during and post-training and we can’t praise them enough. We are grateful for the positive changes we’ve seen in our dog and our abilities to make her pay attention to us.

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