Review from Virginia F.

After training dogs in a facility for 2 1/2 years, i still fill in with them sometimes. Below is an excerpt from a Yelp review for a dog that i graduated even though i had not trained him while he was boarding at the facility. Going into the graduation blind was a new challenge, a new kind of rush. It helped that Charley’s parents were excellent students! – EA

We picked up Charley two weeks later at his “graduation,” which would have been conducted by his actual trainer. Because of a personal emergency, she was unable to be there, but one of the head trainers, Emily, took the lead with us. Even though she had not worked with Charley, Emily was kind, patient, and utterly knowledgeable. We spent well over an hour going through what to expect, how to continue the training, etc. Then our boy met us outside with Emily and we were SO excited to see him. They had advised us quell our excitement upon seeing him, so we did (imagine!) and watched Emily do some training bits with him. Then we each proceeded to do the same. Charley was wired and vocal, but even so, managed to show off his new behavior and training. Very impressive.

Honestly, my husband and I have been very consistent and steadfast with OUR training and we are amazed at how well Charley is doing. His anxiety is nearly gone, he responds beautifully to the few commands (sit, down, come, let’s go). Each day our confidence grows. Charley’s trainer, Darcie, came to our home for a visit, which was super helpful! She was very friendly, and very fond of Charley. We have continued to ask questions via email and phone during the past month with brilliant results. Naturally there have been ups and downs, but we are deeply learning the value of being calm, confident, and consistent leaders, and that the rewards are forthcoming slowly (sometimes fast) and surely.

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