Jasper, Stormy and Pepa holding downs


Jasper has got to be one of my favorite dogs I’ve trained. Not only can he be a really good boy (hysterically so, you know, when he wants to), but when he’s giving you his full attention he has this soulful adoration in his eyes that just melts me. I recently had the pleasure of working with him on brushing up his leash manners, because he’s been pulling and being reactive to other dogs.

Jasper slipped back into his good behavior easily, so I had to up my game. Pepa and Stormy joined us on a walk and we got to practice not being reactive when three dogs on leash are setting off every dog in the neighborhood, not jumping on heads of dogs who you are really excited to hang out with, and other silly stuff like holding a down for a long time while this lady walks in circles around you. (It’s a dead end street!)

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