Swimming in Dogs

It’s only been two weeks since the last update on here, but it feels like ages. I have been swimming in (sadly not with) dogs and have so many pictures to share. In reflection on Megan of Dogma’s recent post about working hard but playing harder, it’s obvious my next post should be about swimming with dogs rather than in them. Get ready, Pepa!

Ani + Pepa
Pepa and Ani at Sibley on a foggy morning

Diablo Zawadi Pepa selfie
I was feeling super badass walking three dogs and all their issues, so i had to snap a selfie. Left to right is Diablo, Zawadi, and Pepa.

Zawadi cruisin
This cruiser bike is so fun for biking dogs! A lot more fun than my hybrid

Jerry and Pepa
The summer flowers are still going strong in Jerry’s neighborhood (with Pepa)

Sammy and Cash
Sammy and Cash on the Ohlone Greenway. Sammy is notably not being crazy around Cash, as is his usual behavior. Props to my fellow dog dealer, Diego.

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