Two weeks worth of scrolling

Previously unseen photos from the last two weeks of doggy bliss.


Cash and Pepa on Alameda.


Moonshine, Barney, Jerry and Cash. Jerry, always the rebel.

Jerry, always the rebel

On the side of the trail to let people pass us, and Barney being cute.

Letting people pass us on the trail, Barney being cute

Jerry posing for the camera.

Jerry posing

Jerry the dog and Diego the Dog Walker.

Jerry and Diego

Zawadi, contemplating, probably, maybe.IMG_20150716_134919

IMG_20150716_132429Pausing on a run from Buchanan Dog Beach to Cesar Chavez Park.


Barney, Ani, and Pepa posing in Redwood Regional Park.IMG_20150715_114755



Pepa, Jerry, and Cash practicing patience.


Pepa, Cash, Zeke, and Anna in Alamada on a jog.


Moonshine in training.


IMG_20150729_145721Three-dog downs.

IMG_20150724_150113Lastly, a rare photo of Emily A, dog trainer.

A rare photo of Emily A, dog trainer

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