Video overload!

Barney, Cash, Pepa, Ani, and special guest Gwen!
Barney, Cash, Pepa, Ani, Gwen!

I was trying to get a video of them holding downs while I walked away. Of course Gwen got up, and everyone else took any word from me to be a cue to be released. Sometimes the video you set out to make is just not meant to be.

I don’t usually let them get this crazy, but they deserved it. And they were chasing with such good manners. Then they ran off into the distance… Everyone was pooped on the ride home! (This is a video that I think would really benefit from use of a GoPro.)

Yesterday we went to Alameda. This recall starts with a rest in the shade and ends very sloppily. But it didn’t require any treats, or tools, so that says something! (what it says..?)


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